Round table is modern movement, but remains true to its founder’s original vision – to give young men a place to meet, make friends, and exchange ideas. Round Table is non-religious, non-political and non-sectarian, and has as much to offer today as it did when it started in 1927.

Almost more important than what Round Table is… is what it isn’t. You’d couldn’t be further from the truth if you think Round Table is a closed, secret society that belongs to the past. Read about the top 10 myths about Round Table. Much more than just an association or club, Round Table is a vibrant group whose 8,000 members meet regularly in 600 clubs around the UK to see friends, have fun, and get involved in their local communities. If you ask our members, the main reasons they’d give you for why they joined are friends, activities, personal development, social responsibility and networking.

Round Table membership forms friendships, shapes lives and makes a lasting difference to many people beyond the movement itself.

John Mackenzie, past Chairman of Colchester Colne Round Table explains what being a member of Round Table has made to him:

“It’s the best organisation I’ve joined, where I’ve made a great bunch of guys ready to share their wisdom and experience. The activities and events I’ve taken part in over the past years will live with me forever. If you ‘re thinking of joining, act today! It will be one of best decisions of your life”.

He continued:

“I’m delighted to be chairing the club this year and together with my Vice Chairman, programme, social, sports, international and charity officers have put together a calendar of events that will give our members the opportunity to create lifelong memories”.


If Colchester Colne Round Table sounds like something you’d like to a part of, we’d love to see you!

We encourage anybody who’s interested to drop by for a couple of no-obligation meetings.

Take a look at how to join or you simply call/text our membership maestro on 07966 520629 or drop him an email.